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Our History

Glenn Public School is Michigan’s oldest rural school in continuous operation. Glenn Public School opened in 1854. Glenn Public School was built as a single-room schoolhouse, and in 1910 a second room was added. During the 1950s and 1960s, when other school districts were urged to close, Glenn Public Schools stayed open due to community support.


Glenn Public School stays true to its beginning as a single-room schoolhouse with its small class sizes and multi-age classrooms. Glenn Public School currently has less than 40 students and 3 full-time teachers.

In 2017 Glenn Public School partnered with the Outdoor Discovery Center (from Holland, Michigan) to develop a rich, nature-based program for the students. This is an ongoing plan to incorporate nature into everyday school activities.

Information comes from Piers, Pancakes, and People by Jeanne Hallgren.

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