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Endowment & Scholarship Funds

Glenn School Funds, Scholarship, and the Allegan County Community Foundation

All donations to the Glenn School Endowment Fund are invested under the direction of the Allegan County Community Foundation. An endowment is a fund where the principal (gifts to the fund) is never spent; only the growth of the fund is distributed. Endowments allow a donor’s interests to be served forever.

The Glenn School Scholarship is a prestigious and impactful program designed to provide invaluable support and financial assistance to students who have attended Glenn School and are pursuing further education. This scholarship serves as a testament to the commitment of the Glenn community to nurture and empower its young minds, recognizing their academic achievements and potential for future success.

The Allegan County Community Foundation Offers:

  • services that allow the endowment to serve the Glenn School community in perpetuity

  • donors the ability to direct their gifts to provide for the future of the Glenn School

  • pooled investments with the potential for higher rates of return

  • knowledgeable staff who can educate donors about the purpose and promise of the fund.

  • scholarship funds for graduating seniors

Select a link below to contribute to a Glenn School Fund held by ACCF.

Endowed Fund

Unendowed Fund

Scholarship Fund

Making a Contribution is Simple

Listed below are a few ways you can contribute to the Glenn School Funds at the Allegan County Community Foundation:

  • Gifts of Cash – A gift of cash is one of the most popular choices for many donors.

  • Credit Card/Online Gifts – Donors can make a credit card gift by going to the secure website, and selecting the Glenn School Endowment Fund. Donations will be processed and a receipt will be sent by the Allegan County Community Foundation shortly thereafter.

  • Memorial Gifts – Remembering a loved one on an anniversary, birthday or to honor their memory is a wonderful way to contribute to the Glenn School Funds.

  • Appreciated Securities – A donor can make a gift of appreciated securities, take a tax deduction for the market value of the gift, and pay no capital gains tax.

  • Bequests – Bequests made in wills or trusts are attractive methods of giving for people who want to minimize estate taxes while providing for Glenn School for future generations.

  • Life Insurance Policies – Donors may choose to make a gift by assigning a life insurance policy to the Allegan County Community Foundation to be directed to the Glenn School Endowment Fund.

  • Establishing a Named Fund – Donors who would like to establish a named fund or a field of interest fund should contact the Allegan County Community Foundation.

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