Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to vote?

Any Ganges Township resident who owns a primary residence in the Glenn Public School District.

Where to vote or obtain absentee voter forms?

Ganges Township Hall at the corner of 119th Ave and 64th St.

What is the bond proposal?

Glenn School is requesting $420,000 to create a safer environment for students and staff, providing new learning space for engaging experiences to embrace our nature-rich philosophy, and investing in the future by supporting our students' academic and emotional needs. This will be achieved by adding a multi-purpose learning space and a secure entrance vestibule with the main office. 

Why is staff excited about the proposed addition?

I am very excited about the possibility of an addition to Glenn School for so many reasons.  With a multi-purpose room, our specials teachers would have more space that is better suited to their goals with the students.  The Gym and Music teachers especially need more space for the kids to move around in.  It would also be beneficial when we are working with small groups to have another space to meet in.  Sometimes too many groups trying to meet in one room can be very chaotic, with the students being distracted by everything that is going on.  Also, having a secure, centrally located entrance would be so much less hassle to the parents than walking around knocking on doors, and much less disruptive to all the classrooms.  These are just some of the reasons that the proposed addition would be very beneficial to the education of our students here at Glenn School.

I am excited for the multi-purpose space to work on science and art projects.  Also, can wait for the southern window (greenhouse) wall so we can grow things and enjoy some sunshine as we work during early spring!  Looking forward to repurposing the old office into a library and extra study space so kiddos aren’t working on the floor in the coatroom.

The possibilities are far-reaching for the additions and improvements to our historic schoolhouse. Our nature-rich emphasis will lend its self to year-round learning with a greenhouse area along with the multipurpose room for activities. This is a time to watch us grow!

What challenges to the current building will the proposed addition solve?

The building currently has no main entrance point or secure door system. The proposed plan adds a visible entrance with a double door locking system. Windows in the proposed office will also allow for observation of the driveway and playground.

Glenn School supports a nature-rich learning philosophy. The proposed multi-purpose room offers windows designed to function like a greenhouse allowing for hands-on nature learning year-round.  The multipurpose room will also give dedicated space to specials teachers, allow multi-age classrooms to split into grade-level activities when necessary, and give ESA  support staff room to work with individual students.

Have more questions?

Contact Cate Plaggemars or Brian Scieszka in the office by email or call 269-227-3411.

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